Allan Downey Scores Operation Green Flag Win at Merrittville

THOROLD, ONTARIO (September 18, 2020) … Jordan Poirier from St. Mathieu-de-Beloeil, Quebec picked up the win in the 360 Sprint Cars at Merrittville Speedway on Friday night. For Poirier, it is win number two of the season at the Thorold, Ontario speedplant. Allan Downey from Waterloo, Ontario who got his start in the sport through iRacing picked up his first career win with the Action Sprint Tour in his sophomore season. Multi-time track champion Dave Bailey from Hagersville, Ontario won the main event for the Hoosier Stocks after starting from the 12th position.

The Action Sprint Tour saw Dereck Lemyre and Jacob Dykstra lead the field of 23 entries to the green flag for their 20-lap A-Main and the yellow flag would immediately fly as qualifying heat winner Brian Nanticoke ran into the back of Nick Sheridan and went around with Lucas Smith getting collected. Dykstra would take the lead away from Lemyre on the restart. Dykstra would suffer a broken front axel as he made hard contact with the turn four berm. Dykstra climbed out of the car under his own power. Lemyre would re-inherit the lead on the restart over Darren Dryden and Rob Neely, with Nick Sheridan running in fourth and took over third on lap three. The red flag would come out as Lance Erskine flipped in turn two. Erskine was alright and climbed out of his car on his own. Nick Sheridan would challenge Dryden for second as Lemyre would continue to show the way. Lemyre would hit lap traffic just before the halfway point. The caution would wave once again as Trevor Young and Tyler Ward came together on the entry of turn one. Lemyre would go on the top side of the speedway on the restart, giving the lead to Darren Dryden with Allan Downey moving into second place. Downey would take over the lead with four laps remaining. The yellow lights would come on with only one lap remaining as Tyler Ward stopped on the top side of turn one. Dryden would look underneath Downey on the last lap, but Downey used the outside to get the lead back to get his first career win.

Marketing Partners of Operation Green Flag: Mission Merrittville includes Nitro 54 Variety, Burger Barn, Ohsweken Speedway Racesource, and Corr/Pak Merchandising.


Heat 1
1. 9C Brian Nanticoke; 2. 56 Dereck Lemyre; 3. 49L Lucas Smith; 4. 08 Steven Beckett; 5. B39 Brett Stratford; 6. R52 Ryan Hunsinger; 7. 29W Tyler Ward; 8. 77 Darrell Pelletier

Heat 2
1. 26X Terry Baker; 2. 50LS Adrian Stahle; 3. 12D Darren Dryden; 4. 74 Rob Neely; 5. 1EH Paul Klager; 6. 2 Lee Winger; 7. 54 Ryan Dinning; 8. 29 Liam Martin

Heat 3
1. 5D Jacob Dykstra; 2. 45 Nick Sheridan; 3. 19 Allan Downey; 4. 51 Trevor Young; 5. 28 Jordan Hill; 6. 58 Lance Erskine; 7. 48 Andrew Marshall

1. 19 Allan Downey; 2. 12D Darren Dryden; 3. 56 Dereck Lemyre; 4. 45 Nick Sheridan; 5. B39 Brett Stratford; 6. 74 Rob Neely; 7. 1EH Paul Klager; 8. 26X Terry Baker; 9. 49L Lucas Smith; 10. 29 Liam Martin; 11. 08 Steven Beckett; 12. 28 Jordan Hill; 13. 50LS Adrian Stahle; 14. 9C Brian Nanticoke; 15. 54 Ryan Dinning; 16. 2 Lee Winger; 17. 77 Darrell Pelletier; 18. 29W Tyler Ward; 19. 48 Andrew Marshall; 20. DNF 51 Trevor Young; 21. DNF R52 Ryan Hunsinger; 22. DNF 58 Lance Erskine; 23. DNF 5D Jacob Dykstra