As we’ve become aware of Holley now producing variances of the #0-80535-1 even though the part number on the box is the same, the actual carb is marked #0-80535-2 or -3. The newer versions are coming with notched floats (installed) and Jet Extensions included as accessories. Effective Immediately, Jet Extensions are not to be used, neither are extended replacement Jets. Holley Part #36-201 is the Standard-length replacement Jet kit, those are the only length allowed. Accelerator pump cams stamped #336(Primary) and #664(Secondary) are only ones allowed, doesn’t matter colour of composite used, as well no bending of linkage, only adjustment of cam’s is the factory allowed by using stock set screw to adjust cam position. Refer to rule 3.1 below.

To clear up the existing Air Cleaner concerns, we are mandating that:  Effective July 12, 2022, ALL25955 will be the allowed base, ALL26086 is the spec spacer and ALL26088 will be the Top. Would recommend getting these sorted ASAP, will be allowing a 2 week grace period to get parts in.

3.0 – Carburetor
3.1 – Holley Carburetor Part # 0-80535-1 MUST REMAIN BOX STOCK Mandatory
3.2 – Jets and power valves may be changed.
3.3 – Carburetor must be mounted parallel to intake.
3.4 – Track Officials reserve the right to exchange any competitor’s carburetor at any time.
3.5 – No air induction inserts or other devices to direct air to intake
3.6 – Accelerator pump cams stamped #336(Primary) and #664(Secondary) are only ones allowed, only
adjustment allowed is the factory one of using factory set screw to move cams, no bending or altering
3.7 – Standard length replacement Jets only allowed, Holley Part #36-201, no jet extensions or extra
length jets.

4.0 – Air Filter
Action Sprint Tour – 2020 14
4.1 – ONE round type air filter element maintaining a MAXIMUM of 4” high and a maximum of 14 inches in diameter will be permitted.
4.2 – K&N style filters will be allowed.
4.3 – The car must be equipped with an air filter,
4.4 – Spec Air Cleaner Part Numbers:

#ALL26086 Spacer,

#ALL25955 Air Filter Base,

#ALL26088 Filter Top